JSD Solutions: SoDA Synergy


JSD Solutions: SoDA Synergy

JSD Solutions, an embedded software engineering company, has recently joined the Software Development Association Poland (SoDA), marking a strategic move towards enhanced collaboration and growth within the industry.

JSD Solutions, with its recent induction into SoDA, stands out in the IT services realm, particularly for its specialized expertise in system and embedded software engineering. Their services encompass a full spectrum of development for the automotive sector. These systems are not only compliant with AUTOSAR but also meet the safety-critical requirements of ISO26262, an international standard for electrical and electronic systems in road vehicles. This ensures that JSD Solutions’ software products are reliable, safe, and at the forefront of automotive technological advancements.

SoDA stands as a vital hub for the Polish IT sector, advocating for the community’s interests, fostering networking, and facilitating professional development. It represents its members in discussions with government bodies, influencing IT legislation and public policy.

By joining SoDA, JSD Solutions gains invaluable access to a wide network of industry experts, educational resources, and opportunities to partake in shaping the future of IT in Poland. This partnership also enriches SoDA’s offering, bringing JSD’s specialized knowledge and technical acumen into its fold.

The union between JSD Solutions and SoDA is poised to deliver substantial benefits. JSD Solutions will leverage SoDA’s robust platform for growth and advocacy, while SoDA will benefit from the fresh perspectives and specialized skills that JSD brings to the community, strengthening the collective voice and capabilities of Poland’s IT industry.

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