Manual Tester (Automotive)

  • CANoe
  • CAPL
  • Python

Job description

Automotive Test Engineer at JSDSolutions is responsible for overall Software and System testing depends on the project assignment for Premium Cars.

The main task is to perform the prerelease testing activities of the infotainment system on the test benches and prototype cars in customer’s premises in Berlin. This is a premium automotive brand.


  • Developing quality assurance strategies and organizing phased testing with QA engineers
  • Monitoring errors in the system and discussing them with other colleagues
  • Helping with bug detection and fixing
  • Conducting product testing after its presentation and analyzing the results
  • Collaborating on quality assurance within a team
  • Test environment setup
  • Participation in meetings and analysis of customer requests
  • Software bug tracking
  • Analysis and execution of test cases
  • Maintaining contact with test managers


  • Experienced verification engineer in Manual Testing on HW Work fully in Berlin (5 days per week)
  • Ideally should have F2 license, which is needed to test and drive Pre-series cars, which are built under pre-series conditions and are technically limited for customer use
  • Ideally with good project background or experience in similar automotive (Infotainment) projects
  • Knowledge of all relevant tools for flashing, logging, first-level debugging Structured way of working for documentation and follow up on bugs.

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